Pandemic blues gotcha down?

Staying indoors has started brewing those creative juice in a lot of us. I remember when this all started, the motivation to change some of the habits in my life that needed some attention was at 100%. A month went by and yes, I was able to commit to eating healthier, sometimes due to the scarce food supply, who would have known that flour, milk, rice, and toilet paper would become a luxury commodity? I delved into running, which only lasted about 3 weeks and then I gravitated towards my passion, food, in the form of making it.

What I am trying to get to here is that no matter who you are, whatever you have decided to do with your time is acceptable during this time. Except parties with no masks or with random people (I’m not a fan of those).

While its true that we cannot control current times, there are some things we can have a grip on very firmly, ourselves.

Here are some things that you can work on during these times:

1. Know yourself and accept who you are

No matter what people are doing out there, its okay to remain indoors, its okay to spend more time with your immediate household. On the other hand, it’s okay to go outdoors and take good care of yourself. Respect what you want and let others ride the wave at their own pace.

2. Believe in yourself and trust your abilities

Everyone is good at something. If you are not, there are so many tools like Pinterest, YouTube, DIY books at the library (free). If you learn to make something, share it with the people who love you and know that the appreciation that they show, comes from a good place. If you get good at it, sell it for a profit, why not?

3. No negative self-talk

There is already so many negative energies out there. Be your biggest support, your #1 fan, and your greatest friend. What you tell yourself will directly impact your mood, believe me.

4. Boost endorphins

Increase those “feel good” hormones by increasing your exercise, practicing yoga, calling that friend who makes you laugh hysterically, start a small indoor herb garden, anything that can make you feel better and decrease your stress levels. 

5. Do not let obstacles bring you down

Use obstacles and hard times as an opportunity to. Learn how you deal with difficult situations and create resilience. At the same time, be grateful for the small things that you can accomplish.

And as Viktor Frankl, Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist and holocaust survivor always said:

The last of human freedoms – the ability to choose one’s attitude in a given set of circumstances.”

Keep that motivation going and when in doubt…take it easy Chiller 😎


  1. This is truly amazing!!!! I love these pointers. Very well written! Time like this, it helps to reflect and it helps a lot with guidance. Thank you for sharing these reminders. I am definitely excited to see what else I can gain positively by following your blog! Keep it up!!!

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  2. During this time, it can be very difficult to deal with everything that is happening all at once. A rush of emotions! Thank you for this beautiful reminder and pointers that I will surely incorporate!


  3. Great. Job on blog! Pandemic blues is definitely hitting our way as we are reaching toward our 5th month. Entering our six months won’t be easy but we must stay focused.

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