Your Not So Hidden Tools

I was thinking about routines and the power that they have to motivate us to get up every morning. According to your particular lifestyle, yours will look very different than your soulmate’s.

Some people believe in the power or prayer, dance, meditation, others sing, do stand up comedy, the endless possibilities. The same things that make us very different from each other, are the same ones that make each one of us fascinating.

I’m a believer of the HERE AND NOW. I prefer to ground myself to avoid living in the past or the future. What better way to focus on what you have to do than by being at the place where you are meant to be…right here, right now. Living in the future often leads to symptoms of anxiety, living in the past often increased symptoms of depression.

I’m no different than any of you, my routine has certainly changed in the last few months, not by choice. From preparing t go to work, grocery shopping, celebrating birthdays and dating has required a closer look and a new set of rules of engagement. I’m not going to sit here and say that I don’t enjoy the extra perks that come with confinement: less laundry, less shopping, more time to analyze the things that were no longer working for me, and a nice bump on my savings account to name a few.

For those times when I DO have to shower, get dressed and go out to the world, I bring out my arsenal. My new set of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): facemask, hand sanitizer, and a whole different mindset of what it means to be outside. This mindset tries its hardest to remain positive and understanding at all times. (challenging at times)

Part of my arsenal includes something that regardless of the situation, makes me feel much better almost instantly:

If you have ever heard of CBT: Cognitive Behavior Therapy, you might be familiar with practicing gratefulness. To begin practicing mindfulness and the art of being grateful, you don’t need a lot, just your mind and maybe something to write your thoughts such as a notepad or creating a note on your phone, make it easy for yourself so this becomes an automated task. Start by practicing 3 entries per day, and adjust as needed.

I’m thankful for being healthy today.

I’m thankful for being able to breathe without difficulty.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share my thoughts on this blog.

This task can be personalized and adaptable to your individual lives. If you have the time, you do it in the morning. If you feel that you need more reinforcements throughout the day, do it twice, while you brush your teeth, get creative with the damn thing! 🙂

A number of you might already have a log, I invite you to revise it and see if there are things that you are not including in there that may be essential to lifting you day even by 5%.

I would love to hear from you on the comment below. What are you thankful for today?

Take it easy, Chillers,



  1. This is very insightful!!! I do have less laundry lol who wouldn’t be great fun for that? 😊 It IS a new world that does require a new mindset. This has been a very humbling and eye opening experience. This is a great time for self reflection and personal growth. Thanks for this 🙏🏾

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