Pre and Post Pandemic Activities

Let’s start this blog with a polemic topic, but we will make it lighter, stay tuned and you’ll see what I mean. I don’t think anyone of us foresaw the current situation that we are all facing. Let’s be honest, confinement is not preferred by the majority of us, especially when it is not up to us to stay in our homes, apartments, tiny homes, lofts, additional dwelling units, tents, etc.

On top of the virus, we are also bombarded by the media and the viral stories such as the endless Karens, the stories of horrible suffering, inequalities, and the fights over when, and how to wear those masks? I can’t help but wonder how to long we will have to accessorize with them. Heck, why not just make it the “new normal” forever! Personally, the masks are not a burden to me. I now think of all the times that I got too close for comfort to a complete stranger because, well, no corona virus in sight.

In contrast, we have also found countless of stories of kindness, and empathy that gives us the hope that the end of this obstacle might be near and to cope with it, it does not hurt to be kind to each other, or pick up a new hobby, learn a new skill, take that class you’ve been wanting to complete for so long. The possibilities are endless Chillers.

The Chill Easy blog is meant to spread some knowledge about daily living, a little bit of positive vibes like baby Yoda and lots of creative content that is geared to inspire you!

Welcome Chillers!



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