3 Easy Ways to Improve Eating Habits

I like food, I love food, I’m a foodie! (ask any of my friends)

To consider yourself a foodie is not only to like or enjoy food, the food needs to be GOOD!

Eating is one of those automated activities that you must do daily in order to survive and maintain good health. Eating is not only satisfying, but it can be medicinal, if you want it to be. If you are eating daily, why not make it work for you and not against you. Think of your skincare for example, would you put something excessively oily or dangerous on your skin? If the answer is no, then why would you do this to your body?

I leave you with 3 Easy Ways to Improve Eating Habits (not difficult, I promise)

  • When in doubt, choose color: By color, I mean the natural kind, no over processed food. How many times do you look down at your plate and find yourself staring at a boring color palette. Food can be fun and trust me the more adventurous you want to be, the better the food will taste. Developing your palette is important; say yes to new foods. – Green: broccoli, bell peppers, spinach, avocados – Yellow: bananas, yellow squash, cantaloupe, lemon – Orange: pumpkin, oranges, sweet potatoes, salmon – Red: blood oranges, tomatoes, red wine (wink, wink)

  • Let your digestive system do its thing: Fight the urge to snack on things with a high sugar contents i.e. Starbucks, muffins, cookies, cheese and crackers. Your system only needs approximately 6 small meals per day. I’m not promoting counting calories, but wanting to eat does not necessarily mean that you’re hungry; you might be thirsty, drink water!

  • Planning is key: For some lifestyles, this might not be the ideal situation, but you can always try. Meal prep in advance, so that you have your meals ready to warm up and eat. It’s just too easy to find yourself hungry at lunchtime with no other option that grabbing a bag of chips or ordering takeout. Instead, prepare your brown rice, chicken, and salads (no dressing). Pick some glass food storage containers on Amazon or Costco and organize your stash in your fridge. The visual appeal of the colors and the ease of having it ready to go will sure bring you some joy! I promise

Once you start on these 3 easy steps, the rest of the path will become more clear to you. Eating healthy is not a diet or a deprivation of good food, remember, this coming from a foodie. Eating healthy is a lifestyle, it takes some redirections for all of us. Like all other challenges that come our way, its in the way we decide to approach the changes. Can you run a marathon if you can’t run a mile? I don’t think so.

Stay strong Chiller, we are in this together. At this time, it’s hard to enjoy good company (pandemic, remember?) but no one said you can’t enjoy a good meal at home to cheer you up. If you don’t provide the best to yourself, it will be hard to provide that energy to others.

See you next time,


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